Josh Hamilton thinks he has sports hernia

ARLINGTON, Texas – Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton doesn’t have the medical tests to prove it, but he thinks he's dealing with a sports hernia.

He had the painful injury in 2009, underwent surgery and missed a month of the season. Although he's said he's been working through a left groin injury since late in the regular season, he says the pain is very similar to what he experienced with the sports hernia. He emphasized that he has not had any tests or an MRI to determine the injury and won't until after the season.

“All signs point to it, but there are no tests, no MRI,” said the Hamilton, who is 0-for-7 in the World Series and without a home run in 48 postseason at- bats. “I’ve talked about not being as aggressive because it hurts when I’m aggressive. But, I have just have to go play my game.”

A sports hernia occurs when there is a weakening of the muscles or tendons of the lower abdominal wall.

Since Hamilton has been vocal about his injury condition and pain threshold throughout the playoffs, he has been besieged by media before and after games to get a daily diagnosis.

While that might become a pain of another kind, Hamilton said he doesn’t regret initially talking about being hurt since fans could see for themselves that he was wincing after swings in the World Series.

“If not, then people would be wondering what the heck is going on with me,” Hamilton said. “At least people know that I’m out here battling with my teammates.”