Umpire admits he messed up call

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Rangers weren't blaming first-base umpire Ron Kulpa's bad call on the 16-7 loss to the Cardinals in Game 3. That's tough to do when the opponent scores the equivalent of two touchdowns and two 2-point conversions.

"We have to not let that inning get away," first baseman Mike Napoli said. "That's baseball and it happens. We didn't do what we had to after that."

Matt Holliday hit what appeared to be a ground-ball double play. But Ian Kinsler's throw to first was wide, pulling Napoli off the bag. He applied the tag, but Holliday was called safe.

"I saw a replay when I walked off the field and the tag was applied before his foot hit the bag," Kulpa said.

Kulpa said at the time of the play, he thought Holliday had hit the bag before the tag was applied. He said he didn't think about asking for help on that type of play.

"Ron [Washington] didn't ask me to get any help, either," Kulpa said.

Crew chief Jerry Layne said it was a difficult call to make.

"It was a wide throw," Layne said. "It was a tough call, a very tough call on that type of play. So I think there's all there is to it."