Washington: Pujols better than Cabrera

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers manager Ron Washington was asked if Albert Pujols was better than Miguel Cabrera on Sunday. His answer: "You're damn right he is."

Washington talked about Cabrera a lot in the AL Championship Series as the Rangers had trouble pitching around him and dealing with him at various points. The same thing was clear in Game 3 of the World Series.

"He's a monster, man," Washington said. "He's a gentleman. He has awareness. He gives credit to his teammates. He's a monster."

The pitching staff didn't execute and Pujols took advantage, becoming just the third player in baseball history with three homers in one World Series game (joining Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth).

"I hope my pitchers can make him try to chase something," Washington said. "I don't want to have to constantly, as I said before with Cabrera, sit over there putting up four fingers. We're pros. We should be able to go out there and execute pitches. You think the National League guys are putting up four fingers all the time? How many times did that unintentionally put him on?

"You can't always go four fingers. It's not Little League. This is the big leagues. You can't throw a ball inside that misses inside, maybe moves his feet? Throw a pitch down and away in the dirt, elevate something? But when the opportunities say that I'm not going to let us throw to him, I'll put up four. But I can't do that every time. Come on. We're in the major leagues."

Washington said every ball Pujols hit was out in the middle of the plate. It was a lack of execution.