Torre: Not worth taking a chance on rain

ST. LOUIS -- Joe Torre, MLB’s Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations, said that the league decided to postpone Game 6 because forecast called for precipitation during the game. The league and teams didn't want to take a chance on delays.

The fact that the forecast calls for good weather on Thursday and Friday played a big part in the decision. Torre said the league would wait longer today if the forecast wasn't as good for Thursday. But since it is, they figured they wouldn't take a chance and play on Thursday.

"I don't think they're expecting rain to be that heavy here, but every forceast we've had for three days -- and we get them hourly now -- is calling for precipitation during the game," Torre said. "You get to a Game 6in the World Series, you want to guard, as long as you have forecast for clear weather tommorrow and the next day, that was more a decision-maker than anything else."

Torre said the decision to call Game 2 of the AL Championship Series at 2 p.m. local time and then not get any rain didn't impact what the league did for Game 6 of the World Series. Torre noted that fans are traveling a great distance to get to some of these games and they want them to know as early as possible too.

"If it doesn't rain, you still made a decision on what you knew," Torre said.

Torre said what the league did today didn't have anything to do with 2008, when Game 5, then a possible clinching game, was suspended in the sixth inning and wasn't played until two days later.