Washington fine with decision to postpone

ST. LOUIS - Rangers manager Ron Washington said he understood why MLB made the decision to postpone Game 6 and is fine with it.

"We certainly don't want to be out there playing in bad weather and we certainly don't want to be starting and stopping," Washington said. "So, tomorrow and Friday it's supposed to be clear days and we'll get a chance to start baseball and finish baseball."

Washington was not involved in the conference call with MLB, but said that general manager Jon Daniels was and that Washington spoke to Joe Torre.

The Rangers will have their pitchers throw today, the outfielders will also throw and the rest of the team will take swings in the cages.

"When we're finished, we'll pack it up and head back to the hotel," Washington said.

Washington said there's not a mental hurdle for his team about having to wait another day.

"We know we're in the World Series," Washington said. "But our mindset is the same. It's baseball. If this was in the regular season and it happened, it happened. It's not going to take away from our focus. We want to play baseball as bad as Major League Baseball wants to play. It's just that we can't get out there and do it. We'll do what we can do, enjoy the night and come back and play tomorrow."

Other quick notes:

* Matt Harrison is still the Game 7 starter, if necessary (more on that later).

* Players banged up do get another day. That has to help Josh Hamilton, Matt Holliday, Adrian Beltre and others.