MLB made the right call on postponement

ST. LOUIS -- It's raining in St. Louis right now, but that has nothing to do with whether MLB made the right decision in postponing the game.

It's Game 6 of the World Series. This isn't a regular season game or even a Division Series or Championship Series game. It's the World Series and a possible clinching game for the Texas Rangers. The last thing either team wants is a long delay or a game that starts and stops because of rain.

Why take the chance? Forecasts showed rain was possible. Yes, it's also possible it gets out of here and maybe there isn't a ton of moisture at Busch Stadium in the window that the game would be played. But we don't know that. Having the players sit around, the starting pitchers possibly warm up and fans heading into the stadium only to be told the game can't be played doesn't seem right either, does it?

So MLB did the safe thing. They knew the forecast was good for Thursday and Friday, if needed. Don't take a chance, back the game up and let's play from start to finish on Thursday and see who wins. No one wants to see a game postponed (especially those of us needing to change flights or hotel rooms), but this is the World Series we're talking about. MLB did the right thing.