Young, Washington praise Rangers fans

ST. LOUIS -- Walking around St. Louis on Wednesday revealed that there were a good number of Rangers fans that made the trek hoping to see the first championship in franchise history. And now that the rain has postponed the game until tonight, there's more time for more Rangers fans to get to Busch Stadium.

"They've definitely got time now," Washington said. "They are loud. They're the loudest fans I've ever encountered. That place was rocking in Texas. They showed their loyalty. They stay around."

Washington said fans can continue to be "stir crazy," but the game still has to be played.

"We've got an opportunity to win a game, but the thing is you don't know how things are going to play out until you get between those lines and the games start," Washington said.

The Rangers hope that they see plenty of friendly faces among the Cardinal contigent in Game 6 tonight.

"I don't know how many will be here, but hopefully we'll get as many as we possibly can," Michael Young said. "Those three games at home were pretty incredible. That's the loudest I've ever seen in my career. That was 51, 52,000 people going bananas for three games. They are great fans. They got what they deserved in that we played well at home and hopefully they come up here and give us the same support."

Young said with each playoff series, the Rangers crowd "continues to raise the bar."

"They were just crazy every game," Young said. "They were into it offensively, defensively, just nonstop excitement from our crowd. We're lucky to have them."