Notes: Rangers aren't worried about cold

ST. LOUIS -- The weather forecast calls for chilly conditions in Busch Stadium tonight, with low of 40 degrees and relatively no wind.

"I think [Adrian] Beltre will be out there sleeveless, might see Michael [Young] out there sleeveless, [Ian] Kinsler out there sleeveless," Washington said. "But I'll have on some clothes."

Washington said he's not concerned about the temperature and that his team will be ready to play no matter the conditions.

"Cold is not the factor," Washington said. "Jaime Garcia will be the factor."

Other notes:

* Washington said Derek Holland is available out of the bullpen and he won't be afraid to use him even if the club is down one run. He'll worry about keeping them in Game 6 and not about a possible Game 7. Washington wasn't sure if C.J. Wilson was available or not (he hadn't talked to pitching coach Mike Maddux about it yet).

* Even a day later, Washington said MLB made the right call in postponing Game 6. "You don't want that starting and stopping, especially with the importance of the game for both sides," Washington said. "You want to be able to start a baseball game and play a baseball game."

* Washington said he's seen that there are a fair number of Rangers fans in St. Louis. "They are excited and they should be excited," Washington said. "It's awesome."

* There were no changes to Washington's lineup overnight. "I already had that done and didn't even have to worry about it," Washington said.