Tom Hicks in attendance at Game 6

ST. LOUIS - One of the Rangers' biggest fans -- former owner Tom Hicks -- is at the game thanks to an early Christmas present from his son, Tommy.

Hicks and a friend were sitting in the second row to the right of the Rangers' dugout; his sons were in the right field bleachers. Hicks said he couldn't be happier to see the Rangers' success, and he thinks they're poised to sustain it for several years.

The reason? The new ownership group. Jon Daniels and Ron Washington have done a good job of consistently acquiring and developing talent.

"The one thing I learned is there are no shortcuts in baseball," said Hicks, wearing a black Rangers jackets. "This is the result of a five- or six-year plan that actually started when I hired John Hart.

"When I bought the team, all we could think about was beating the Yankees. When J.D. became the GM, he told me that we had to start all over and do it the right way. The other way wasn't working, so we gave it a shot."

Now, the Rangers are one victory from their first title.