Oliver will take time to decide about 2012

ST. LOUIS -- Rangers reliever Darren Oliver didn't want to make any decisions regarding the 2012 season shortly after the Rangers lost Game 7 of the World Series. Who can blame him?

He was asked after the 6-2 loss to the Cardinals whether that was his final game.

"I don't know," Oliver said. "I'm not going to say that right now. I can't answer a question like that now. To be continued, how about that?"

Oliver, who turned 41 years old earlier this month, didn't want to make a choice about that as he still felt the emotions of not winning. The fact that he's come so close with the Rangers the last two seasons might impact whether he wants to see if the club is interested in having him back for one more season and see what happens. But he didn't give any indication that he was leaning either way.

Oliver has been one of the club's most reliable relievers the last two seasons. He posted a 2.48 ERA in 61 2/3 innings in 2010, vesting his option for 2011 (the club would have certainly picked it up anyway). He had a 2.29 ERA in 51 innings in 2011.