Bench coach still thinking about Game 6

ARLINGTON, Texas -- As bench coach Jackie Moore cleaned out his locker on Saturday, his mind was still stuck on Thursday night at Busch Stadium. Moore thought he'd be celebrating that night after a Rangers' win in Game 6.

"You look back to how it's going to be so disappointing this winter because you'll be thinking back to that Game 6 and all the opportunities that we had to win it," Moore said. "It's almost impossible to lose that game, but we did."

Moore, 72, was still stunned that the Rangers weren't able to close the deal needing one strike to win the title in two different innings.

"The bottom line is we had so many opportunities in all areas," Moore said. "You think about how hard you work over the years buidling to this and you get in the situaiton and it comes down to one play, one pitch, one whatever."

Moore said he's proud of how the club has played the last two years and is thankful to be a part of it. But he admitted that he woke up in the middle of the night after Game 6, still thinking about it.

"But I told myself that we had another game," Moore said. "That didn't work out. I woke up after Game 7 thinking about it and said, 'If this would have happened or that would have happened.' You can not get that close and not win that ballgame. I mean, it's almost impossible. Say somebody hits a hard line drive at someone or pops a ball up. It's just so hard to keep getting base hits or having balls drop. It's amazing. It's going to be replayed in our minds a lot of times."

Moore said the coaching staff was just trying to stay ahead of the game and focus on what they needed to do to put the club in the best position to win it. So much of how he felt didn't really sink in until after it was over.

But Moore, like many of the players, resolved to set the goal of returning and winning it. And he believes they can.

"We know how hard it is and how many things have to go right for you," Moore said. "But that's our goal. It was our goal this year and this team fought and got there. You want to get back to that point where you're close and then you can get it done. Will we get there? I don't know. But we're going to try."