Employee leaked Ron Washington's speech

An investigation launched Monday by the Texas Rangers quickly uncovered that a team employee recorded manager Ron Washington's clubhouse speech prior to Game 7 of the World Series, the team confirmed.

The team believes a person close to the employee then leaked the recorded audio to a website. The employee, whose name the team has decided not to make public, was a member of the traveling support staff.

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels, who earlier in the day declared the situation "unacceptable," Monday evening said the team has handled the situation internally. He would not say if the employee has been terminated.

Daniels condemned the recording and leaking of Washington's fiery, expletive-laced speech, which also included brief pep talks from Michael Young, Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz, and said it is "clearly in violation of what's expected."

Daniels said he had no issues with what Washington said because it was a speech within the confines of the clubhouse and not meant for public consumption.

"It's a private meeting for the team, a privilege to be part of, a privilege to be in the clubhouse and have access to these sort of things, and very poor judgment to tape it," Daniels said. "That's not what that the meeting was for. We don't condone that it was taped and we certainly don't condone that it was shared with anybody outside of the group that was down there and intended to hear the meeting."

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