Angels' Mike Scioscia on C.J. Wilson: 'We need pitching'

DALLAS – With reports swirling that his team could be the frontrunners for C.J. Wilson, Angels manager Mike Scioscia was peppered with questions about the Rangers’ lefty free agent.

Scioscia certainly didn’t say anything to quiet the speculation during his news conference Tuesday the MLB’s winter meetings.

The Angles’ top priority is adding starting pitching, Scioscia said, acknowledging that Southern California native Wilson is the top target.

“I know you look at [Jered Weaver, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana] and it sounds like you’re getting greedy, but you need five guys going out there during the season to give you a chance to win,” Scioscia said. “Right now, we might have an incredible playoff rotation, but you need a full rotation to give you the opportunity to get there. We need to add pitching depth in the rotation. That’s something that I know is weighing very heavily on a lot of things that [general manager Jerry Dipoto] is considering. I think you’ll see us move towards that direction, whether it’s C.J. Wilson or whether it’s some other things.”

Scioscia said Wilson had “a very good arm [and] good movement,” but he seemed to think Wilson’s best attribute was being left-handed. Scioscia is of the belief that being left-handed, plus the fact that the 31-year-old Wilson has only two seasons of major league experience as a starter, increases the odds that Wilson will be effective for several more years.

“He’s really taken off with getting the opportunity to start and being in the rotation,” Scioscia said. “It took maybe a while to find his niche, but that’s where he’s best suited. He’s pitched two years [as a starter], which gives him maybe less wear and tear on his arm pitching as a starter than other guys. And being left-handed, I think the prospects for him being able to continue to adapt and be effective even when there’s a little velocity that might tail off maybe in the mid-30s. I think he still has the functionality to be a good pitcher.”