Lobby talk: Wilson, Zumaya, utility infielder

DALLAS -- It's now evening of Day 2, and the day isn't over yet. The Rangers still have a meeting with C.J. Wilson's agent tonight. They have yet to make an offer, according to Wilson's agent, Bob Garber. Will they step up the negotiations by making an offer? We'll see. GM Jon Daniels wouldn't say either way. But here is some of what Daniels said earlier and things going on in the lobby:

* The Rangers will send someone to Joel Zumaya's workout. Zumaya has had injuries his entire career, including surgery on his elbow. He hasn't pitched in a regular season game since 2010. But he was a guy that could throw in the triple digits at one point and wants to show he's healthy again. He'll work out in Houston at some point this month and the Rangers will have a scout there.

* Texas is talking to C.J. Wilson tonight, as mentioned earlier. I still think they want to keep all their options open. And if they see Wilson and Buehrle as pitchers that would both make around $15 million a season, why not take a look at Wilson and see if there's a possible contract. If he gets six years, the Rangers move on to Plan B: Buerhle. But why close a door now?

* There was some chatter in the lobby that the Orioles want Koji Uehara back. MLB.com reported the Orioles and Rangers talked about it on Tuesday. Teams may think they can get Uehara while his stock is a little down because of his struggles at the end of the 2011, but the Rangers aren't inclined to simply give him away. (Every time Daniels mentions the bullpen, he notes Uehara and believes in his track record.)

* The Rangers still need a utility infielder, but that's not necessarily a top priority this week. Daniels said that's something that could happen later in the offseason. You might remember that the club has arrived at spring training before with some internal guys fighting for competition and making some moves in the last week to find someone (that's how Andres Blanco ended up as the utility guy).

* Texas is still looking at relievers and exploring options. They aren't thrilled with the free agent left-handed pitching market, so they could look at the trade market.