Lobby talk: Wilson wait, Garza, Boras

DALLAS -- The lobby isn't quite as full as its been the past two nights, but there is certainly a buzz in the air about C.J. Wilson. He's here at the Hilton Anatole and is contemplating his offers. A few thoughts:

* The wait continues as Wilson meets with agent Bob Garber and other officials. It appears Wilson's two likely choices are a reported six-year deal from the Miami Marlins or a five-year deal from the Angels. In other words: long-term deal with security vs. pitching at home. Which way will he go? The betting odds in the lobby favor the Angels -- slightly. We'll see.

* The Rangers met with Scott Boras today. It was mainly about LHP Mike Gonzalez, a reliever the Rangers would like to re-sign. He also has interest in Texas. The two sides also discussed Prince Fielder, but it was more about doing some due diligence and keeping tabs on the first baseman.

* Boras held court in the lobby on Wednesday night and talked briefly about Gonzalez. "Mike had a great experience in Texas," Boras said. "He really enjoyed it. He's certainly open [to returning]."

Boras said he's talked to a number of teams and added that "Mike has a pretty fruitful market for his services."

Boras said Gonzalez is doing well following knee surgery about six weeks ago.

"The doctor gave him a clean bill of health and he's feeling a lot better," said Boras, who added that Gonzalez will be fully healthy for spring training.

* Our buddies at ESPNChicago.com are reporting that the Rangers and Cubs discussed Matt Garza. The Rangers are checking on various starting options through trade (see Gio Gonzalez) and Garza is another example. Chicago wants top-tier prospects and they are interested in Scott Feldman, but the Rangers are reluctant to part with him, according to the report. That may be because he's an important insurance policy with a young staff as someone with experience who can start if needed.

* Rangers GM Jon Daniels said earlier tonight that Yu Darvish hasn't been on the club's mind this week since he hasn't been posted yet. He wasn't even on their board. They'll worry about that once they know what he's going to do. They've seen him -- Daniels himself did so in person -- and they are interested.