C.J. Wilson: Rangers not close to other offers

DALLAS -- Newest Angel C.J. Wilson said he was a little disappointed the Rangers didn't try harder to bring him back to Texas.

"I understand the position the organzation is in, in the sense that they have a lot of young talent and that's something that they trust and feel good about," Wilson said. "That being said, I think as we saw there's a situation in baseball where you can never have too much of a good thing. I feel like I just want the fans to know that if things were a lot closer, it would have been a more difficult decision to go to Anaheim and I possibly might not have gone. But there was really no comparison between the packages offered between the three teams."

When asked if it was salary or years, Wilson's response: "It was everything."

Wilson said on ESPN's SportsCenter that the Rangers wanted him for half of what the Marlins offered. He added that he turned down more money to go to the Angels.

But he's clearly excited to join a team that added Albert Pujols on Thursday morning as well.

"It's crazy, obviously, with Albert going over there," Wilson said. "It's a big swing of the balance of power in the West. I thought I was going to make a little bit of difference and he's obviously going to make a huge one. I mean, nobody saw that coming. It's been a great time playing in Texas as an organization for the last 11 years and I love my teammates, but at the end of the day, my family was a big player in this and my friends back home. Going back to where you're from is a difficult thing to turn down when you have an opportunity and it works out in every way."

Wilson did say he was sad to leave the community and fans.

"It's very difficult," Wilson said. "It's kind of the reverse move that Nolan Ryan made. He went from Anaheim to home with the Astros in his career and I'm doing the same thing."

The Rangers didn't actually make a formal offer. They set parameters and GM Jon Daniels said Thursday that they knew they weren't close enough to what the Angels and Marlins were likely putting forward.