Lobby talk: Trade complete with Baltimore

DALLAS -- The lobby is just about completely empty now. There are a few more TV hits for folks, but for the most part everyone has left. Most of the team officials have departed as well. A few final chatter items:

* The Rangers did complete the Taylor Teagarden trade, picking up infielder Gerg Miclat from the Orioles after the Rule 5 Draft was over. The Rangers needed to wait and make sure no one selected Miclat. If they had, the club had a list of some other players they could have chosen.

Miclat, 24, is a switch-hitter. He hit .280 with two homers and 24 RBIs in 120 games for Double-A Bowie in 2011. He is not on the 40-man roster.

"He played mostly second base, but he can play shortstop, third base and left field," Rangers GM Jon Daniels said. "He's a good baserunner and defender. We haven't exteded our internal invitations to camp yet, but he'll probably get one. He'll be a guy that will come in to compete for a utility infield spot, but if not he'd most likely be at Triple-A.

* The Rangers did draft three players in the minor-league phase of the draft: LHP Fabian Williamson, OF Efrain Nunez and INF Alex Buchholz.

* It was interesting to watch the reaction of baseball folks as news broke about the signing of Albert Pujols. What made it even more facinating was the timing. Word leaked just as the Rule 5 Draft was set to begin in the Grand Ballroom at the Hilton Anatole. One thing about the Grand Ballroom: It's where cell phone signals go to die. So those outside the room could check twitter and see that it was happening. But the team officials, including a bunch of scouts, that were in chairs in the room had no clue.

As they filed out after the meeting, reporters scurried to get reaction from various officials, some of whom were just finding out. One scout told me: "I'm stunned. Wow." He shook his head and left, as if to try to figure out what it all meant. No doubt the Angels shook up the baseball world.

* C.J. Wilson made the TV circuit in the lobby all morning. A handful of Rangers fans made the trip down when they heard he had signed and were rewarded with autographs and pictures. Some even went to the second floor and took photos of Wilson while he was on ESPN's SportsCenter on Thursday. Wilson, with agent Bob Garber in tow, didn't make a decision until 4:30 a.m. or so Thursday, got a few hours of sleep and then made his TV appearances.

* Just saw Scott Boras in the lobby, so the agent was busy this morning completing some of his meetings in Dallas. He met with the Rangers this week about Mike Gonzalez and they asked about Prince Fielder. I still don't see Texas doing much on the Fielder front, but they always check in. Gonzalez makes a lot of sense to bring back. They need a left-handed reliever and he was solid in that situational role down the stretch. His knee should be fine for spring training.