Still waiting to find out Yu Darvish winner

I know many of you are eager to hear which team put in the highest bid for Yu Darvish. And I'll be honest: I'm a little surprised we haven't heard anything from Japan and MLB today about Darvish. We don't know when it will be announced, so all we can do is wait.

A few things to remember, though (and some answers to some of your email and Twitter questions):

* The amount of the highest bid has been sent to Japan, and the Japanese Commissioner's Office still has until Tuesday, Dec. 20, at 4 p.m. CT to let MLB know if the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters accepted the bid.

* MLB will announce the winning bid as soon as it is accepted (and I'm assuming it will be, especially considering some stuff I've read on Twitter about the bid being pretty high), even if that is before Tuesday. (Not sure what is taking so long if the bid is a good one, but they do have until next week.)

* The only bid they can accept is the highest one. This isn't a case in which Darvish and the Fighters could look at a list of teams that bid and pick the one they want. The highest bid is sent -- but not the team that bid it -- and they must decide if that is accepted.

* Once the bid is accepted and the team is identified, that team has 30 days to negotiate exclusively with Darvish and his representatives (Arn Tellem and Don Nomura). If a deal is reached, the Fighters get the posting fee. If no deal is reached, there is no posting fee.

So we wait. Once it's announced, we'll be sure to provide you as much information as we can here on the blog.