A closer look at Yu Darvish's resume

We continue with our blitz of Yu Darvish stuff on the blog with ESPN.com's Jim Caple, who looks at Yu Darvish's resume. Here's the complete blog entry. Part of Caple's thoughts:

* If the name Darvish doesn't sound Japanese, there is a reason. He is the son of an Iranian father, Farsad, and a Japanese mother, Ikuyu, who met -- where else? -- in Florida. Farsad said he played soccer at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg until the U.S. embassy takeover in 1979 and the coach benched him. He later worked at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Wash., where the Seahawks used to train. "When I was working in the cafeteria I used to watch them carry two trays -- one was a milk tray, one was a food tray, so it was very huge, a very nice experience," Farsad said in a 2008 interview with ESPN.com. "And of course I cheered for the Seahawks." The family moved to Japan to raise a family. Darvish considers himself 100 percent Japanese.

Darvish pitched seven seasons for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, who play in the Sapporo Dome and are owned by the Nippon-Ham company. In other words, he pitched for the "Fighters" of "Nippon-Ham," not the "Ham Fighters," a mistake Americans often make. "Everybody probably thinks you're out there beating up pigs," said Dodgers bench coach Trey Hillman, who managed Nippon Ham in 2003-07 and Darvish from '05-'07.

• Darvish has been incredibly consistent in Japan. Here are the numbers from his past five seasons there:

2007: 15-5, 1.82 ERA, 207 2/3 IP, 123 H, 210 K, .828 WHIP

2008: 16-4, 1.88 ERA, 200 2/3 IP, 136 H, 208 K, .897 WHIP

2009: 15-5, 1.73 ERA, 182 IP, 118 H, 167 K, .896 WHIP

2010: 12-8, 1.78 ERA, 202 IP, 158 H, 222 K, 1.015 WHIP

2011: 18-6, 1.44 ERA, 232 IP, 156 H, 276 K, .828 WHIP

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