Olney: Rangers lineup is No. 2 in MLB

ESPN.com's Buster Olney's series continues today with the top lineups in Major League Baseball heading into 2012. He puts the Boston Red Sox on top, followed by the Rangers. Here's what he says about Texas:

2. Texas Rangers

During the course of the 2011 season, Texas suffered significant injuries to Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz -- and the Rangers still managed to finish third in the majors in runs scored, through the excellence of Michael Young, and the emergence of Mike Napoli. The band will be back together again in 2012.

Can you imagine what the Rangers would be like with the addition of Prince Fielder, dropped right into the middle?

The teams behind Texas:

3. New York Yankees

4. St. Louis Cardinals

5. Colorado Rockies

6. Detroit Tigers

7. Toronto Blue Jays

8. Kansas City Royals

9. Arizona Diamondbacks

10. Cincinnati Reds

Even with the addition of Albert Pujols, the Angels only made Olney's "honorable mention" list. Here's what he says about that:

Albert Pujols helps, for sure, but whether the Angels develop into an elite lineup will depend on the progression of the other parts: Chris Iannetta, their new catcher; Peter Bourjos and Mike Trout, their emerging young outfielders; and Kendrys Morales, who hasn't played in a major league game in 19 months and may or may not ever be the same.

You can read the complete story here (insider).