Rangers announce game times, TV schedule

The Rangers announced the game times for the 2012 regular season. Night games will once again start at 7:05 p.m., with 1:05 p.m. starts for weekday day games and 2:05 p.m. for Sunday day games.

For a complete schedule of game times, click here (you can even print it out).

Some scheduling notes:

* There are six Sunday day games scheduled: May 27 vs. Toronto; June 17 vs. Houston; Aug. 12 vs. Detroit; Aug. 26 vs. Minnesota; Sept. 16 vs. Seattle; Sept. 30 vs. LAA.

* The exceptions to the regular game times are: Saturday, May 12 vs. LAA (12:05 p.m. on Fox); Saturday, June 16 vs. Houston (6:15 p.m. on Fox); Saturday, June 23 vs. Colorado (2:05 p.m.), Saturday, June 30 vs. Oakland (6:15 p.m. on Fox); Saturday, July 7 vs. Minnesota (6:15 p.m. on Fox); Saturday, Aug. 25 vs. Minnesota (3:05 p.m. on Fox).

* The Rangers are also scheduled to be featured on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball on each of the club’s first three Sunday home games in 2012: April 8 vs. Chicago White Sox; April 29 vs. Tampa Bay Rays; and May 13 vs. Los Angeles Angels. All three of those games are at 7:05 p.m. CT.

* In addition to the five Fox telecasts at home, the Rangers are scheduled for three Fox Saturday games on the road: April 14 at Minnesota (12:05 p.m. CT); May 19 at Houston (6:15 p.m. CT); and July 21 at Los Angeles Angels (3:05 p.m. CT).