Key to Neftali Feliz's success as a starter: work ethic

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers manager Ron Washington was asked on Monday what adjustments Neftali Feliz needs to make to transition from a reliever to a starter and the skipper didn't hesitate with his answer.

"I'll be looking for his work ethic," Washington said. "We know he can throw the baseball. I'm going to just pay attention to his work ethic because there's a different mentality as a starter than as a reliever."

Feliz was in attendance on Monday as the Rangers started a pitching mini-camp. He threw a quick session from the mound as pitching coach Mike Maddux, bullpen coach Andy Hawkins, special assistant Greg Maddux, Washington and others looked on.

Washington is pleased with Feliz's mental state as he heads toward spring. There was no talk of his performance in Game 6 from the manager.

"His mentality is right where it should be," Washington said. "He's fired up to have the opporutnity to start. All we're going to do with the past is learn from it. We're not going to bring it up."

Feliz talked over the weekend about his desire to start and moving on from Game 6. He also talked about a meeting he had with Pedro Martinez.