Yu Darvish's agent says connection was key

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Arn Tellem, one of Yu Darvish's representatives, credited the Texas Rangers' scouting staff in Japan for putting in the time to get to know Darvish and his family.

"The Rangers, more so than any other team, showed not only great interest in scouting him, but spent a lot of personal time developing a relationship with him over the last couple of years through scouts that visited him in Japan," Tellem said. "There was an instant connection between Yu and his family with the Ranger organization."

Tellem said Darvish was hoping the Rangers would win the posting bid because he liked the organization and wanted to play for a winner. Tellem, who also represents NBA players, even invoked the name of Dirk Nowitzki, commenting that hopefully Darvish is to the Rangers what Nowitzki has been to the Mavericks. That's certainly a lofty goal. But apparently, in talking to club officials who have dealt with him, Darvish likes to set high goals and is committed to trying to achieve them. It's a quality Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan, GM Jon Daniels and others like about Darvish.

"He wanted to feel that he was in the right place with an organization that would support him, help his transition to the Major Leagues and make him feel part of a family," Tellem said. "I think the Rangers from the outset, everything they did made him feel very comfortable. It all worked out very well. He was excited to know the business part was over and it’s all about baseball."