Yu Darvish's father against posting system

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Farsad Darvish, the 51-year-old father of Yu Darvish, expressed relief Friday that the entire posting process was over for his family.

"It was a long process, even the posting," Farsad said. "I'm really against posting. You literally put people in auctions. He’s got no choice and it's a 30-day deadline. It's a lot of pressure on the representatives and the team. It's up and down. I'm just happy this day has come. It's nice to be here."

The Rangers paid $51.7 million in a posting fee to negotiate with Darvish and must now send that money to his team in Japan, the Nippon-Ham Fighters. Darvish is making approximately $60 million over six years.

Farsad let out a reserved smile when asked how he thought his son handled the introductory news conference.

"He had a total of about 16 hours of flying and held himself pretty good," Farsad said. "The questions were nice and some of them made him relax. I was surprised by the number of reporters and cameras, but I just hope he lives up to the expectations."

Farsad, who dreamed of playing professional soccer while going to high school in Massachusetts, was pleased to see his son get the chance to play professionally in the United States. He said his son has always been pretty independent, even leaving for a high school that was about 700 miles away from home when he was 14 or 15 years old. Yu Darvish has said that he doesn't want an interpretor around him constantly and is committed to learning the language.

"Most Japanese players that come they usually ask for a few people," Farsad said. "He said he'll take care of himself. He's going to have some help, but wants to do some of it on his own."