Arbitration hearings set for remaining cases

Arbitration hearing dates have been set for the three remaining arbitration cases involving the Rangers. The dates (all hearings would be in Tampa, if necessary):

Elvis Andrus: Feb. 9

Mike Napoli: Feb. 15

Nelson Cruz: Feb. 17

The team and the player have until that hearing date -- really, they have until right before the hearing starts -- to come up with a deal. The Rangers haven't gone to a hearing since 2000 (Lee Stevens).

The largest gap with those remaining players is Mike Napoli, who asked for $11.5 million this season and the Rangers countered with $8.3, a $3.2 million difference.

Andrus and the club are $950,000 apart and Cruz and the club are $2 million apart (Cruz submitted $7.5 million with the club countering at $5.5).