Ichiro Suzuki might not be in leadoff spot

There's plenty of chatter on twitter and email about the possibility of Japanese star Yu Darvish's first big league pitch heading to another Japanese star -- Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners -- in the Rangers' fourth game of the season.

Of course all of that is speculation. The Rangers haven't set their rotation yet. But what if Suzuki isn't leading off for the Mariners?

Seattle manager Eric Wedge said during the club's pre-spring training luncheon on Thursday that Suzuki might not be the leadoff hitter when the 2012 season begins. Wedge may move him to try to jumpstart a lineup that did not hit the ball well as a group last season.

"It's as much to do with his teammates as it has to do with him with regard to the collective nine that we're putting down on paper," Wedge said. "I haven't made any firm decisions. I made it very clear over the winter I was thinking about it. I'm even further down the road to where I'm leaning in that direction to have (Suzuki) hit somewhere else."

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