Jon Daniels talks about Roy Oswalt

Rangers GM Jon Daniels provided insight into how the club looks at free-agent starting pitcher Roy Oswalt, who according to reports has expressed a strong interest in joining the Rangers.

Daniels said on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's "The Ben and Skin Show" on Friday that the club has "more than a set rotation," but that in the past the team has liked to take chances on players coming off injury or ones that could provide good value. He noted that those signings don't always work out, mentioning Brandon Webb, who received $3 million in guaranteed money in 2011 and never did pitch for the Rangers.

"But when you look at Roy and his track record with some guys in the organization having played with and for them in Houston, it's intriguing," Daniels said. "It doesn’t fit perfectly for us and you can look at each one in the rotation and you can go through each one and why they deserve and should be and we want them to be in the rotation."

Daniels said you can't predict when injuries might occur, as evidenced by Tommy Hunter's groin injury prior to the end of spring training in 2011. That forced Alexi Ogando into the rotation.

"If that were to happen, you’d love to have extra depth," Daniels said. "The flip side we’ve got to consider is what if that doesn’t happen? How does it all fit together? We've spent a lot of time and resources developing this younger group where they are ready to maybe take that next step and do we owe it to them? Those are things we’re walking through right now."