Some Rangers make Super Bowl picks

If the picks of Rangers' players and front office personnel are any indication, we should have an entertaining and close game as folks seemed split on who would win. Super Bowl XLVI in particular becomes one of big interest for the Rangers' staff because general manager Jon Daniels and some of the other front office folks are huge New York Giants' fans. Here's a look at some of the Ranger predictions for today's game:

Nolan Ryan (CEO and president): Giants 27, Patriots 24

Jon Daniels (GM): Giants 50, Patriots 0; Comment: None needed.

DH/INF Michael Young: Giants 31, Patriots 28; Comment: I called winner of GB vs. NYG would win Super Bowl and I'm sticking to it. But as a Cowboys fan, I hope the Patriots beat the snot out of them.

RHP Mike Adams: Giants 31, Patriots 24; Comment: I hate the Giants. And even more because it's JD's team! (yet he believes they'll win)

3B/INF coach Dave Anderson: Patriots 30, Giants 17; Comment: All those guys can't be hurt for NE!

LHP Matt Harrison: Giants 33, Patriots 30

C Mike Napoli: Patriots 31, Giants 28; Comment: [Tom] Brady is MVP. Patriots win on last second field goal.

Pitching coach Mike Maddux: Giants 38 Pats 31; Comment: Both Eli [Manning] and Brady will be on top of their games and pick the opponents' defense apart. Manning finds one more opportunity than Brady and the Giants come out on top.

Hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh: Patriots 24, Giants 17; Comment: I think New England's offense will control the game and will put them in a position to win the game late with a touchdown. Tom Brady is the man.

1B/OF coach Gary Pettis: Giants 31, Patriots 27; Comment: I don't like going against Brady, but the Giants defense is a little better and will get a defensive stop late.

Bullpen catcher Josh Frasier: Giants 34, Patriots 27; Comment: My wife is a die-hard Pats fan and we had a serious football talk this week and I was forced to tell her I think the Giants will win. I think the MVP will be one of the Giants receivers.

LHP Derek Holland: Giants 34, Patriots 31; Comment: I got the Giants because they beat my team, the Cowboys, so I'd rather see it from our division than the Patriots even though Brady is a Michigan Wolverine.

Tom Grieve (TV analyst): Giants 26, Patriots 13; Comment: Even though I'm a big Brady/Pats fan, with Gronkowski at less than full speed, and with the Giants pass rush and their superior wide receivers, New York wins big.

Steve Busby (radio analyst): Patriots 31, Giants 24; Comment: Brady joins the elite with his fourth finger bling.

Chuck Morgan (PA announcer): Giants 37, Patriots 31; Comment: Being from Southern Illinois, gotta go with former Saluki Brandon Jacobs and the NY football Giants.

Karin Morris (VP, community outreach): Giants 28, Patriots 24; Comment: But I'm still not over my Packers loss.

John Blake (Executive VP, communications): Giants 31, Patriots 21; Comment: Giants defensive line will put pressure on Brady. Manning finds holes in Pats' secondary.

Brian San Filippo (Coordinator, Media Relations): Giants 31-28

Adam Lewkowicz (Advance Scout): Patriots 31, Giants 27; Comment: I'm a Jets fan so I wish somehow both teams could lose!

Mike Daly (Director, International Scouting): Patriots 27, Giants 24; Comment: A thriller. Too much Tom [Brady] and have to balance the NYG love in our front office.

Joey Prebynski (Assistant advance scout): Patriots 28, Giants 17; Comment: New England's pass rush puts pressure on Manning all game and Patriots' offensive explosiveness proves to be too much for Giants.

Jake Krug (Director, Minor League operations): Patriots 28, Giants 24

Don Welke (Senior special assistant to the GM and scouting): Patriots 31, Giants 27

Todd Walther (Professional scout): Patriots 31, Giants 27; Comment: Last team to have the ball wins.

Matt Vinnola (Director, baseball operations): Patriots 34, Giants 23

Greg Smith (Special assistant, ML scout): Giants 31, Patriots 28; Comment: I'm just looking for a good game.

Jay Miller (Senior VP): Patriots 34, Giants 24; Comment: Brady will not lose two Super Bowls.

Kip Fagg (Director, amateur scouting): Patriots 31, Giants 27; Comment: It does not pay to question Brady.

Bobby Crook (Manager, amateur scouting): Patriots 28, Giants 20; Comment: Pretty sure it goes against Cowboys' fans bylaws to pick the Giants.

Matt Klotsche (Assistant, pro scouting): Giants 27, Patriots 24; Comment: Worst possible matchup for a Jets fan, but I'll go with the G-Men.