ESPN's farm system rankings: Rangers 7th

ESPN.com's Keith Law ranks the minor league organizations and has the Texas Rangers coming in seventh overall. A look at what he says about Texas:

The Rangers have ranked highly the past few years -- including No. 1 once -- because of depth and ceiling, but they're now more about the latter than the former. (Note that I don't consider Yu Darvish or any player with Nippon Professional Baseball experience a "prospect" for the purpose of this ranking or the top 100.)

The teams Law ranks ahead of Texas:

1. San Diego Padres

2. Tampa Bay Rays

3. Toronto Blue Jays

4. St. Louis Cardinals

5. Kansas City Royals

6. Arizona Diamondbacks

How the other AL West teams fared:

9. Oakland A's

11. Seattle Mariners

15. Los Angeles Angels

I thought it was interesting that the Angels came in last among AL West teams despite having Mike Trout. But Law's write-up says Trout is the "only one real sure thing" in their system, but says other guys are one major adjustment away from becoming better prospects.

Law's top-100 prospects come out this week as well and it will be interesting to see how many Rangers make that list.