Mike Napoli says Nelson Cruz is getting fit

When Nelson Cruz walked into Bommarito Performance, a workout facility in Miami, about a month ago, Mike Napoli was surprised to see him.

"I was excited," Napoli said Thursday. "I've been working out there for five or six offseasons and was glad he was there. He looked skinny."

Cruz said he lost weight because of a stomach bacterial infection and is currently at 224 pounds (he was 240 during the 2011 season). He wants to gain some of the weight back and report to spring training at about 230 pounds. Cruz got sick shortly after the playoffs while in the Dominican Republic and returned to the United States to be treated.

Napoli said he has work done on his ankle in the mornings and then works out, focusing on strengthening his entire body.

"Everything is connected," Napoli said. "They work on the small muscles and building those so that the big muscles don't have to do as much work. They also help you watch your nutrition."

Napoli said his injured left ankle feels good and he's able to to all of his workouts (he isn't wearing a brace, but does tape it up). He also is leaving his contract negotiations to his agent and just focusing on getting ready for spring training. He added that he hopes a deal can be reached to avoid an arbitration hearing, which is scheduled for next week. When the sides exchanged figures last month, Napoli and the Rangers were $3.2 million apart.

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