Daily (Yu) Darvish: Bunting and PFP

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Yu Darvish didn't throw off a mound Friday or conduct a news conference, meaning it wasn't quite as crazy a day as Thursday was for him and the media.

But everyone did get a chance to see him with a bat in his hand. Darvish was bunting with the rest of the pitchers Friday.

Darvish has hit a little bit in Japan. The league the Fighters are in has a DH, so Darvish didn't have to hit much. But like the big leagues, there is interleague play and if it's at a Central League team (Darvish played in the Pacific League), then Darvish would have had to hit. He is 4-for-30 in his career at the plate.

Plenty of cameras followed his every move once again as he did stretching, conditioning, pitcher's fielding practice (PFP) and bunting. Darvish didn't seem to have any issues and when his day was finished; he stopped by the white fence near Nolan Ryan Field on the back end of the complex and signed autographs for a while.

As Darvish left the conditioning field, fans sprinted toward the fenced-in area, hoping to secure a spot close enough to get an autograph. The cameras followed and Darvish went down the line and signed for many of the fans as a few security guards kept a close watch.