Surprise Six: Lots of pitching talk

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- It was a late day of workouts for the Rangers, but much of the chatter centered around some of the pitchers. A look at six things from Tuesday in Surprise (primary day here and all over Arizona, by the way):

1. Derek Holland isn't just focused on his pitching mechanics this spring. He wants to improve defensively and is working with the manager to do that.

2. A union meeting is what caused the day to go a little longer than normal. Union chief Michael Weiner talked about the Ryan Braun case and also discussed Josh Hamilton with the media. The Rangers did not elect a new union rep, opting to wait a few months before doing so.

3. Koji Uehara is relaxed and working on a slider this spring. Manager Ron Washington was impressed by him, saying he was standing behind and saw exactly how much Uehara's splitter moves. "No wonder guys can't hit it," Washington said.

4. Left-handed pitching prospect Robbie Ross is thrilled to be at his first big league camp. He's throwing a curve now, wanting to add something that is slower to his repertoire.

5. LHP Joe Beimel is not worried about his elbow stiffness and hopes to be back on the mound Wednesday.

6. Washington is pleased with Neftali Feliz's attitude so far this spring.