Michael Young: Not worried about Father Time

Rangers DH Michael Young says that Father Time is not catching up with him and that there's no reason that the hunted can't be the hunter as well.

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On if his age forces him to focus more on training:

"Yes and no. I did the same program I did last year. I added pilates to it just to make sure I stay flexible. But, you know I don't really buy the whole Father Time is undefeated thing. I totally disagree. Paul Molitor whipped Father Time's ass, Nolan Ryan whipped Father Time's ass ... as we speak Mariano Rivera is whipping Father Time's ass. So I don't buy that, I mean when you start losing the fire, losing the passion I think that's when certain things happen."

On whether two World Series berths have other teams hunting the Rangers:

"I hope so, but there's no reason the hunted can't still be the hunter. That's the way we're going to look at it. You can come at us all you want, we're still going to take the same mentality. If there's a bull's-eye on our back so be it, but we're still going to be the hunter. We're going to approach every game like we're out there for reason, that's to win."