Drill of the Day: Pitchers practice fielding

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Following a pitchers' only meeting with coach Mike Maddux, some of the Rangers' arms went to work on fielding.

It was a friendly competition held on Field 7. One group, consisting of four pitchers, was spread out on the diamond. The other group hit underhand tosses thrown from the first- and third-base lines.

The goal for the team on the field was to cleanly field three balls put in play. The other team's goal was to get as many hits as possible. After the fielding team got three outs, they would switch. If the team at the plate hit a home run (there's not much of an outfield on Field 7), the teams would switch no matter how many outs were recorded.

The drill drew a nice crowd from the fans, mainly because pitcher Yu Darvish participated. At first Darvish was just throwing underhand pitches, but he worked on his fielding in the second session.

It was one of the louder groups of the morning with lots of laughs and jeers after each play. You could hear the pitchers make SportsCenter Top 10 references following a few nice grabs during the drill.