Hot Button: Over/Under on Yu Darvish wins

We've set the bar at 13.5 wins for Yu Darvish in his debut season with the Texas Rangers. Can he top that? We've made it the topic of our Hot Button, so you can click here to vote.

However, before you do, take a look at the takes of Ben Rogers, who takes the over, and Richard Durrett, who's going under.

Says Durrett:

Darvish will probably have an advantage early this season as the hitters won't have seen him much. After they get a chance to hit off him a few times, Darvish will have to make an adjustment. That's going to take a little longer this season than it would in others.

Says Rogers:

Since his stable of pitches is so deep, he'll be able to milk that advantage and keep teams guessing even after they've seen him once or twice by changing his approach each time he faces them. One time he might be a fastball, slider, change-up pitcher. Next time they see him, he might be a fastball, cutter, split, curveball guy.

Darvish hardly needs mirrors, duct tape and a fog machine to get batters to swing and miss. His stuff is good enough to do that on its own. His offense is going to pile up runs just like it did last season, and the defense behind him will once again be significantly above average.

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