Yu Darvish survives shaky start

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Texas Rangers spent $112 million and waited 82 days for Yu Darvish to make his major league debut.

What a letdown -- at least for an inning. Maybe two.

So much hype. So much anticipation. So little control.

For a while, it seemed as though Yu was going to have one of the most forgettable debuts in Dallas-Fort Worth history after an awful first inning.

He can thank the Rangers' booming bats for taking him off the hook -- Nelson Cruz, Mitch Moreland, Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler each homered -- and providing him an opportunity to find a rhythm and pick up his first big league win.

Once he did, Yu resembled the guy we saw the past couple of weeks in spring training -- not the nervous, hyperactive dude we saw pitch the first inning. That guy couldn't have thrown a pitch over the plate if the strike zone had been from eyeball to ankle.

But he survived, and that's what's most important for the Rangers.

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