Pregame buzz: Yu Darvish rewind

ARLINGTON, Texas -- A day later, Yu Darvish's start was still a main topic in the pregame media chat with the manager. Some of Ron Washington's thoughts:

* He was pleased with how Yu Darvish handled himself after the rough start. "It's not how you start, it's how you finish," Washington said. "I thought he finished up pretty good. He could have very easily have thrown in the towel, but he didn't. So he fits in our clubhouse very well because we don't throw in the towel."

* Washington said he thinks Darvish will get steadily better each start. And he felt it was important that Darvish go back out for the sixth inning, even though the Rangers were leading and Darvish was nearing 100 pitches. "I was hoping for a quick sixth so he could go out there for the seventh," Washington said. "It's important because you want your pitchers to go deep. After his 42 pitches in the first, he threw 19 in the second and it went down. He was getting better."

* Washington said he expressed to Darvish during the game to keep battling. "I think for the first time, that's the kind of experience he needed," Washington said. "He's the type that I feel will get better each time he gets the baseball. When he got to the sixth inning I was proud, and I told him he should feel proud."

* Washington said the players tried to help Darvish relax, telling him they'd help him. And they did. Washington said the two runs in the first to get the team right back in the game was huge for the club and Darvish.

Other notes:

* The skipper liked the approach of Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus in the first, staying patient and not trying to swing for the fences and get the four-run deficit back right away. "That was the right way to go about it," Washington said. "It allowed everyone to see some pitches and get a look at him [Hector Noesi]."

* Washington said he was glad to see Nelson Cruz have a big game Monday. "He's always been a slow starter. The more he sees pitches and the more at-bats he has, the better he'll get," Washington said. "He's streaky. Just his threat is good enough."

* Brandon Snyder will get in a game soon, Washington just isn't sure when yet. He said he probably should have put him in at first base late last night. He plans on getting him in when he can.