David Murphy will change number if needed

DETROIT -- Not long after Texas Rangers outfielder David Murphy heard the news that longtime Rangers catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez was going to retire Monday, the outfielder pulled equipment and home clubhouse manager Richard "Hoggy" Price aside and told him he was ready to change numbers if the club retires No. 7.

Murphy currently wears that number, which was Rodriguez's number during his career. Most fans still associate Rodriguez with that number.

"He played a huge role in the history of this franchise and he's the best player in the history of this franchise to wear No. 7, so I'm ready for whatever," Murphy said.

Murphy switched to No. 14 when Rodriguez signed with Texas for the final few months of the 2009 season. He's willing to give it up again should the club decide to take it out of use and hang the number at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Alberto Gonzalez is currently wearing No. 14 and Murphy said that number didn't hold any special significance for him anyway.

"If I had to switch from seven, I have no idea what I'd switch to," Murphy said. "I'd have to look at my options."

Murphy said he isn't superstitious about numbers. He said he likes No. 7 but wouldn't really worry about what his new number might be if he needs to change.