Rangers draft: Who goes No. 1?

Maybe it's a good thing the Texas Rangers are off tonight. After all, it's all NFL draft all the time with the first round -- and you'll need to be here at ESPN Dallas for our special live online-only broadcast as you read all about the Dallas Cowboys options on our Cowboys blog.

So with that in mind, let's do a quick first-round draft for the Rangers.

The rules: You have to pick a Ranger on the current big league roster. (Mike Olt, Jurickson Profar and others aren't eligible). It's a player you want to build your team around right now. And you don't worry about contracts. Take the player you want. That gives you many choices:

* Do you want to go with 25-year-old Yu Darvish, who showed off ace potential on Tuesday night against the Yankees? Maybe starting with the rotation isn't a bad idea.

* Do you want one of the top second baseman in the game and a versatile leadoff hitter and an important leader in the clubhouse in Ian Kinsler?

* What about Josh Hamilton? He's in his prime and putting up MVP numbers, but there are injury concerns and he's not a young man anymore.

* Possibly Neftali Feliz, Derek Holland or Matt Harrison for your rotation and huge upside?

* Does Mike Napoli get some interest?

* What about the relief weapon (or you could make him a starter again) in Alexi Ogando?

There are many options. You sort through them and let us know: Who is your No. 1 pick for the Rangers?