Report: Fan in foul ball controversy speaks

Sean Leonard, a North Richland Hills, Texas, resident who was sitting beside the family with the young boy who was sobbing after he didn't get foul ball tossed in the stands by Mitch Moreland in the eighth inning of Wednesday's Rangers game, said he was unaware of the child sitting beside them, according to a WFAA.com story.

The report says Leonard was at the game with his fiancee, Shannon Moore, and they were attending a Rangers game for the first time. Leonard issued a statement, the report notes:

"My fiance Shannon and I were honestly unaware of the situation of the little boy sitting next to us last night since we were so caught up in the excited and moment of being at our first Ranger's baseball game together," Leonard wrote.

You can read the rest of the WFAA.com report here.

It does appear on the video that Leonard and Moore don't see the boy next to them. Leonard picked up the ball, handed it to Moore as a souvenir of their day at the game and seemed unaware of what was going on as the boy cried. Someone in the dugout later tossed the boy a ball.

"I love children, I would never hurt someone," Moore told WFAA Ch. 8 on Thursday afternoon.