Mike Napoli predicts his Heat will win title

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Texas Rangers clubhouse is full of sports fans, not just baseball players. Mike Adams is a season-ticket holder for the Dallas Cowboys. Derek Holland is a big hockey fan, attending Dallas Stars and Phoenix Coyotes games in the offseason. And Mike Napoli loves the NBA, specifically the Miami Heat.

He had a Heat jersey on his chair as he watched Miami beat up on the New York Knicks in the first game of their first-round series. So who does he have winning it all this season?

"Since Mike is here watching me, I'll say the Heat versus the Lakers and the Heat win it in six," Napoli said.

"Mike" is Michael Young, who is a Los Angeles Lakers fan. He wore his Lakers shorts and Kobe Bryant T-shirt in the clubhouse prior to Saturday's game. What's his prediction?

"Lakers will win Game 1," Young said. "Just stay focused."

Young said he won't pick the eventual champion yet, choosing to stay in the moment. Sounds like how he and the Rangers approach the baseball season.