Rangers' aggressive play a real weapon

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington didn't attempt a suicide squeeze in the seventh inning Saturday in a 3-1 game. But he could have. The fans knew it, his team knew it and the Tampa Bay Rays knew it, too.

Manager Joe Maddon ran out to the mound with runners on the corners and Elvis Andrus at the plate. It's likely it was to remind everyone of that fact, though he wasn't asked about it after the game.

Mitch Moreland was at third and getting a decent lead. And catcher Jose Molina was concerned enough about him that he tried to throw behind him at third and pick him off. The ball hit Moreland and rolled into foul territory, allowing Moreland to jump up and score. That made it a 4-1 game at that point. Maddon ended up intentionally walking Josh Hamilton to pitch to Adrian Beltre, who hit a three-run homer to put the game out of reach.

But just knowing how aggressive the Rangers are on the bases and that they'll do things like squeeze if given the chance make them even more dangerous. The mere threat has to make teams think twice.