More Josh Hamilton HR facts, figures

BALTIMORE -- ESPN Stats & Information has some interesting facts and figures about Josh Hamilton's four-homer game. Here goes:

The Rarest Of Rare (Occurrences of Notable MLB Achievements):

20-K games: 5 times

Unassisted triple plays: 15

4-HR games: 16

Perfect games: 21

No-hitters: 252

Cycles: 296

Rare Sports Occurrences:

NBA 100-Point Games: 1

NFL 500-yard passing Games: 12

4-HR Games: 16

Perfect Games: 21

* Counting Hamilton's game Tuesday, there have been 16 four-HR games and 21 perfect games (counting the postseason) in MLB history. 2012 is the first year there has been both a perfect game and a four-HR game.

* Hamilton's 18 total bases are an American League record, one shy of Shawn Green's major league record of 19 in his four-homer game on May 23, 2002. The previous AL record was 16, done eight times.

* Hamilton hit his 14th home run of the season, setting the Senators/Rangers record within the first 30 team games of the season. The last player to have that many home runs within the first 30 team games was Alex Rodriguez, who had 14 in 2007.

* Hamilton and Matt Kemp each have at least 12 HR within their team's first 30 games.

The last time two different players did that in the same season was 2006 (Albert Pujols, Carlos Lee, Jim Thome). In the 13 seasons from 1994 to 2006, it happened nine times.