Rangers react to Josh Hamilton's night

BALTIMORE -- Texas Rangers reliever Mike Adams knew he was witnessing history. As soon as Josh Hamilton's fourth home run bounded into the Baltimore Orioles' bullpen at Camden Yards, Adams asked for the baseball. He put it in a safe place in his backpack and couldn't wait to hand it to Hamilton.

Who knows, maybe it will be headed to the Hall of Fame soon.

"I knew he'd want that, and I wasn't going to get out of there without it," said Adams, who also secured Hamilton's third home run ball for safe keeping. "That's not something that happens every day. To be a witness to that and touch the baseball was pretty neat. We're all in awe."

Adams wasn't the only Rangers player amazed following Tuesday's ridiculous performance. After all, the closest thing to Roy Hobbs in the big leagues just matched the fictional character's four-homer performance that's part of movie lore.

Heck, Hamilton's display was more majestic. The only thing lacking was its own soundtrack.

Pitchers have perfect games and no-hitters. What does a hitter have? Perhaps Tuesday is as close to a perfect game as an offensive player can have in the big leagues. After his fourth homer, the 11,000 or so still in attendance at Camden Yards gave Hamilton a standing ovation. Many headed to the exits after that, clearly waiting around for Hamilton's fifth at-bat to see if he would hit another homer. He made it worth the wait worth it for them, even in a 10-3 Baltimore loss.

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