Josh Hamilton's 6 HRs vs. O's more than ...

Before we completely put the Baltimore series behind us, ESPN Stats & Information dug up this interesting nugget on Josh Hamilton. He had six homers during the four-game series. And it was really over three days.

Hamilton's six homers during the series are more than the total number of homers this season by some big names (Hamilton has 15 on the season to lead the AL). A quick glance at players with fewer than six homers this season:

Jose Bautista: 5

Prince Fielder: 5

Alex Rodriguez: 5

Carlos Pena: 5

Evan Longoria: 4

Justin Morneau: 4

Mark Teixeira: 4

David Wright: 3

Jayson Werth: 3

Robinson Cano: 3

Joey Votto: 2

Adrian Gonzalez: 2

Albert Pujols: 1

Joe Mauer: 1

Alfonso Soriano: 0