Cool numbers from Josh Hamilton's week

Count on the folks at ESPN Stats & Information to dig deep and compile all kinds of fun stuff on Josh Hamilton's memorable week. Take a look at five points about his week:

1. The ultimate all-or-nothing week

Josh Hamilton hit .467 this past week with nine home runs and 18 RBI, and a 1.963 OPS. But he also tied for the lead in strikeouts this week with 11. He was 14-for-19 when he hit the ball.

2. Hamilton had a better week than …

* The Padres, Astros, Tigers, and White Sox combined for six homers this week -- three fewer than Hamilton.

* The top nine players in the majors in home runs last season combined for nine home runs this week -- the same total as Hamilton (Jose Bautista 3, Curtis Granderson 2, Giancarlo Stanton 2, Dan Uggla 1, Prince Fielder 1).

* Justin Upton (3), Troy Tulowitzki (3) and Buster Posey (2) combined for eight hits this week, one fewer than Josh Hamilton’s homer total.

3. What’s next for Hamilton?

* The Rangers face the Royals next in Arlington. Hamilton has had his issues in previous meetings with the Royals. He’s hitting .221 with three home runs in 24 games and 104 at-bats against them. His .221 batting average is his lowest against any AL team.

* He’s 0-for-1 in his career against Bruce Chen, whom he’ll face next and has never faced Luis Mendoza, who will pitch against the Rangers on Tuesday.

* Hamilton went 3-for-15 against the Royals with two walks last season. The Royals threw Hamilton 58 pitches and only 18 of them were in the strike zone. Hamilton saw 40 pitches out of the strike zone and swung at 19. He made five outs and had one hit against pitches that were out of the strike zone.

4. Projecting the rest of 2012

* The Rangers have played 35 games. Using that as a base by which to project Hamilton’s 2012 totals, we would get the following season line -- .402 BA, 83 HR, 204 RBI, 236 H.

* Another perspective: Hamilton averaged 127 games over the last two seasons. He has 18 HR and 44 RBI in 32 games played. So he’s about one-fourth of the way to his games played total. If you project his totals to 127 games, he’d finish with 71 HR and 175 RBI.

5. Skeptic’s perspective

* Hamilton leads the AL in batting average, home runs and RBI. But in five months, that may be a distant memory … Consider the last two seasons:

* On May 13, 2011 the MLB leaders in batting average were Matt Holliday (.398) and Matt Joyce (.369). Holliday hit .257 the rest of the season and finished at .296. Joyce hit .248 the rest of the season and finished at .277.

* On May 13, 2010, Andre Ethier led the NL with 11 homers and 37 RBI. He would get hurt shortly thereafter. He had 12 HR and 45 RBI in his last 395 at-bats of the season, to finish with 22 HR and 82 RBI.