Do you want Roy Oswalt now?

The news that Texas Rangers starter Neftali Feliz is on the disabled list with elbow inflammation certainly begs the question: Does the Rangers' interest in Roy Oswalt increase now?

Much of that will be based on how serious this injury is. If the club is putting Feliz on the DL as a precaution to be sure he doesn't develop any serious issues, maybe he's back in two weeks and ready to go. But if this turns into something that could linger, does it make sense to go after Oswalt now?

The Rangers watched Oswalt throw Friday as part of doing their due diligence. Reports are he's thrown for several other teams and would like to be back pitching at some point in June, if possible. It may take him some time to get fully stretched out and pitch in some minor league games. He met with the Rangers this offseason and clearly has an interest in playing for Texas, which isn't too far from his home and is a contending team.

Since we love speculating, let's throw this "what if" out there. Let's say Feliz's injury lingers a bit. Would you rather have Scott Feldman in the rotation or Oswalt?

But this is why the Rangers watched Oswalt pitch and are constantly making sure they've looked at every option. You never know when the situation might change. We'll see if it has changed enough to make them more interested in Oswalt.

My take: I'd rather have Feldman. He's been pitching well and I'm not sure how long it could take to get Oswalt fully ready. What about you?