Nolan Ryan: Neftali Feliz out a month?

Texas Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan said that pitcher Neftali Feliz could be out for a month. Ryan told ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's Galloway and Company on Monday afternoon that doctors were pleased with the condition of Feliz's ligament, but that the elbow had inflammation.

"They (the doctors) think through medication and rest that they'll be able to treat it and quiet it down and that he should be back pitching for us, I would think within the month," Ryan said.

Ryan was asked about the possibility of Roy Oswalt putting on a Rangers uniform. Ryan said he was scheduled to talk with general manager Jon Daniels later on Monday after Daniels' flight arrived in Seattle. Ryan indicated that Scott Feldman is expected to take Feliz's rotation spot for now.

"We have many things to talk about, but that will be one thing we’ll discuss is about how we'll fill that rotation spot," Ryan said. "Feldman is scheduled to do it right now and we have (Alexi) Ogando in the bullpen, whether you’d want to take him and put him back in the rotation, but that puts a big hole in your bullpen. If Roy is a possibility, I want to visit with J.D. and see what the scouts told him that they had seen. I really think that Roy wants to come back. He has indicated prior that he would like to play with us. We’ll take a look at that and see what happens."

Ryan said the preliminary report he heard on Oswalt was that he threw well and was in good shape. Ryan said Oswalt would need to stretch out and get some innings in the minor leagues before he could pitch with any major league club.