Two takes on Rangers' 20-game stretch

The Rangers return home with a scheduled day off for the first time since May 3. In that 20-game span, they finished 10-10.

There’s two ways to look at it:

The Rangers know they didn’t play their best baseball. They were swept by the Kansas City Royals, split a two game series with the Oakland Athletics and lost a three-game series with the Seattle Mariners -- all teams back-to-back American League Champions should beat. Following Josh Hamilton’s home run streak, the offense cooled down considerably. The Rangers had an opportunity to separate themselves from the pack in baseball and didn’t capitalize.

Or you can remind yourself it’s still May 24. Even with a stretch of all-around bad hitting nights, the Rangers were still able to muster 10 wins during a stretch in which they dealt with a doubleheader, a nearly two-hour rain delay followed by an afternoon game the next day and with Neftali Feliz on the disabled list. Pitching, for the most part has been solid and the Rangers found ways to get the job done at the plate. A prime example is Tuesday’s 3-1 win over the Mariners in which all it took was an inning of runs, solid pitching and defense to get the win.

Not to mention they’re still in first place of the AL West and nine games over .500.

What’s your take on the 10-10 record in 20 games?