Lineup: Elvis Andrus gets rest day

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Alberto Gonzalez will play shortstop in the series finale tonight with the Seattle Mariners as Elvis Andrus gets a day off.

"I'm feeling good," Andrus said. "It's more a mental day off. One day is great. Two is like a vacation. I'm going to enjoy it, but I'll be ready of they need me."

Andrus has had a few defensive slip-ups and admits that maybe being mentally fatigued contributed.

"You can be 100 percent physically, but if you're not mentally, that can get to you," Andrus said.

The lineup:

2B Ian Kinsler

1B Michael Young

CF Josh Hamilton

DH Adrian Beltre

LF David Murphy

RF Nelson Cruz

C Mike Napoli

1B Mitch Moreland

SS Alberto Gonzalez